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Lake Oconee Fishing Report – February 2022

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Daily Fishing Log For February 3, 2022

Oconee: Level: 0.4 below 435. Temp: 48-51 degrees. Clarity: Mud red from I-20 north and stained at least to Lick Creek.

Bass: Tournament angler Karl Pingry reports, “Randy Bush has been on the lake recently. He fished a tourney a week ago on Oconee and finished second with 16 pounds. He was generous enough to give GON this report. Randy is starting at the mouth of a pocket and looking for bait. If he sees it right away, he will run to the back of the pocket and fish his way out. Otherwise, he is starting at the mouth of the pocket and fishing the first 100 yards. He is retrieving a Rat-L-Trap or shallow crankbait as slowly as he can. He is also fishing the docks that are in 10 feet of water or less with a jig or shaky-head worm. He admits he’s not expecting a lot of bites this time of year. If he gets bit in the first 100 yards, he will continue farther into the pocket because he believes there will be more bass in the pocket. If he fails to get bit on his moving bait/dock bait pattern in that 100 yards, he will pull up the trolling motor and move on. Randy thinks it’s important to keep it simple this time of year, and he is confident enough that one of his four baits will generate a strike if the bass are present. Randy will stick with this pattern through February and add a spinnerbait to his arsenal once the water is warming and in the 50s. Randy also made one other important point. He is making multiple casts when fishing the docks and fishing with a light weight (3/16-oz. or less) to give the bass extra time to strike his offering, and it forces Randy to fish slowly this time of year.”

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