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4-22 Weekly fishing report

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Daily Fishing Log For April 22, 2022


Bass fishing is great. Most of the bass seem to be spawning but some pre spawn and post spawn fish can be found. Soft plastic baits fished slowly in the spawning pockets have been most consistent. We have been catching a lot of good fish off stumps, grass, and dock walkways in 3 to 5 feet in the back half of the spawning pockets. Texas rigged Zoom lizards and weightless Zoom trick worms have been best when targeting spawning fish around the stumps. Dark colors will work best as the water is still really stained in most areas of the lake. Pre spawn and post spawn fish can still be caught in these same spawning pockets by covering a lot of water with a chartreuse Buckeye Lures spinnerbait with Colorado blades or by flipping a Buckeye Lures mop jig around the dock posts on the sides of the pockets. A black buzz bait or Zoom horny toad will fool a few big ones early and late targeting wood or grass in the pockets.

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